Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Across the Mediterranean

Map picture

Finally we are getting caught up on our photographs, sleep and blog writing. While I sent out my observation about Port Said just this morning, in truth we have been to Alexandria, Egypt already and are now headed at full speed across the Mediterranean towards Split, Croatia.

The ship was in port in Alexandria for only 5 hours, so having been there on two prior occasions, we took the day off and stayed onboard the ship. For that reason, there is nothing to write about that port and no pictures to share. Yesterday was a full day at sea, as is today. We enjoy these days since we get to be lazy, read and nap.

Today is a most unusual one because of the weather conditions. We awoke to a sunny sky without a cloud in sight, and it has stayed that way. There is no wind, and the sea is flat calm. I cannot recall ever seeing the water this calm. You would not know that our ship is moving except for the slight shudder of the propellers, which are right under our room. If you go up front, there is no sense of motion.

This morning I got out some maps and tried to get my bearings. The city of Alexandria lies at the very northern tip of Egypt and is located at the mouth of the Nile River. Croatia on the other hand is at the upper end of the Adriatic Sea. To clarify, I am sure everyone is familiar with the “boot” that is Italy. On the West side of Italy are the islands of Corsica and Sardinia, and further West is France and Spain. The Eastern sides of Italy is bordered by the Adriatic Sea and across that sea, from top to bottom, are the countries of Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Greece. We have been to the city of Dubrovnik in Albania, and of course to Greece, but not to the other three countries, so this will be our first visit to Croatia. Our ship will dock around 8am and depart around 2pm, so we will not have much time in port.

From Split, the ship will travel overnight to Venice and arrive there at 6am. That day is known on the ship as a “turn around” day because that ends the cruise we are on and most passengers will be departing, and a whole new passenger load will be embarking. That makes it a very busy day for the crew. I do not know how many people will be staying on as we are, but I gather that it will be a fairly good number.

Lisa and I hope that if the weather is good we might get off and go for a walk around Venice and perhaps have lunch off the ship, but right now there is a good chance of thunderstorms that day. From Venice the ship will then spend the next two weeks cruising the Black Sea, which will be completely new to us.

We do hope that everyone is well, and that you are enjoying both our travelogues and pictures.

Take care-

Jim and Lisa

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