Sunday, December 6, 2009

Making a List and Checking it Twice


But, not to find out who has been naughty and nice! Lisa and I are going over our packing lists in preparation for our next adventure over the Christmas Holidays.

This year we will be making our way to the Seychelles, specifically the city of Mahe on the island of Victoria. The Republic of Seychelles is an archipelago nation composed of 115 islands which are situated 930 miles off the Eastern coast of mainland Africa. It is also northwest of the large island of Madagascar. It has been in the papers a great deal of late because the pirates operating out of Somalia have begun using the Seychelles as island outposts allowing them to operate even farther out to sea. In the last year alone, ships of the Seabourn line were attacked on three separate occasions.

Anyway, let’s not focus on the negative – we will spend about six days cruising in and around the various islands before proceeding to Mombasa, Kenya. There, Lisa and I will take an overnight excursion into the game reserve of Masai Mara which is in western Kenya on the border with Tanzania. There, we will spend a night in a tent and hopefully get some good photographs of the many animals that inhabit the reserve.

Our ship will then continue southward along the coast of Africa, visiting Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, and Zanzibar, Tanzania, before heading east to the island of Madagascar. We will make a number of stops in and around that area before sailing south to South Africa, where after several stops we will arrive at Cape Town, the end of our journey.

This e-mail is being sent to people who are on our distribution list to receive our travel updates. This is both a way for me to test the various addresses to insure I am up to date and also to allow anyone who would prefer to opt out to do so by just dropping me a reply to that effect.

As I will do on the trip, this will be posted on our blog: . I have made changes to the blog so that it will now only display my last posting only and not run on for page after page. Former posting are readily available from a menu along the right side of the screen. As before, there will be a convenient link to our photographs, which I sincerely hope to be able to keep current while we travel, assuming our ship has good satellite coverage.

Since we will not be in town this Christmas, let us take the opportunity now to wish each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas and our best wishes for the coming year.

Jim and Lisa

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