Monday, July 26, 2010

Alesund, Norway

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Touring Lke a Mole

Alesund, Norway

Note: I am writing this on July 24, 2010, even though the ship has no internet. We have been advised that limited internet will return on the 24th, so until then I will continue to write and save these for later transmission. Enjoy!

Yesterday afternoon the ship made a brief stop at Alesund, Norway. We were only in port for four hours and our visit was a blur of activity.

I would note that we were fortunate to have arrived on the warmest day of the year to date with temperatures around 58 degrees. All of the tourists were wearing jackets, while the shore line and beaches were loaded with the locals in swimming suits and beach attire. Not only was it warm, but it was a bright sunny day, and according to our guide, the first such day they had had. For the previous week it had been cold and rainy. So, lucky us!

As I said the day was a blur. We departed the ship in our bus and in just a few blocks entered a round-about from which we exited into a tunnel. This was not like any tunnel I have ever encountered in my life. The road immediately begins a steep descent, so much so that the driver had to downshift to avoid picking up too much speed. We seemed to be going down, down and down forever. We went down over 500 ft. before the road suddenly had us doing a steep climb back to the surface. After turning here and there we suddenly “pop” out of the darkness as our guide announces that we are now on such and such island. Exiting the tunnel, the bus immediately enters another round-about, and just as quickly dives into yet another tunnel. We had the same roller coaster ride as before, but this time even much longer. This experience went on until it became comical. I really felt as if I was a mole running through my tunnels, and just briefly sticking my head up before heading back down again. I am sure this is an exaggeration, but of our three hour excursion, I would not be surprised if almost an hour of it was spent in tunnels.

So, what did we see! Well obviously in the tunnels, nothing. We did however make three stops on our journey. On the island of Giske, we stopped to visit the old stone church of Giske which dates from 1150 AD.DSC_2267 Our next stop was on the island of Godoy where we stopped to visit the colorful lighthouse. DSC_2315 Our final stop was back near the town of Alesund, and was a wonderful viewpoint on Mt. Aksla from which we had a marvelous vista of the city below.


Overnight the ship will sail to the small village of Flam, Norway arriving around 7 in the morning. It is said that for the hour prior to our arrival we will be cruising the majestic Naeroyfjord, which is proclaimed to be the most beautiful in all Norway and which is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has also been rated by National Geographic Society as one of the world’s most beautiful sites.


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