Thursday, August 19, 2010

Full Disclosure - Update

Those of you who have been following our most recent trip know that a number of health issues arose for both Lisa and myself. To keep everyone in the loop, let me give you a quick update.
I just received a full clean bill of health from my cardiologist. After an office visit, blood work, an echo and a stress test, he is not concerned about any changes in my heart since we met last April. In his opinion I got myself in trouble by not using my breathing machine in Moscow. Couple that with the infection I developed and the bad fall with the subsequent swelling in my leg, and this combination in his opinion is what caused my problems. So, I am good to go and darn glad that it is nothing serious.
Lisa has undergone a number of test, and today she and I met with her orthopedic surgeon. In the process, I learned something that I did not know. I was under the impression that her metal knees had a limited life and would eventually need to be replaced. As it turns out, that is not necessarily so. The pad between the knee joints is what wears out, and unless the knees get to the point of metal on metal, the originally implants will remain, perhaps for her entire life. In Lisa's case, the pad on her left knee has deteriorated, and must be replaced. In performing the replacement if they find that her metal joints have been rubbing on each other and have been damaged, then the entire knee must be re-done. Either way the recovery will be approximately 9 weeks. Lisa is in such pain right now, she was hoping they would just take her tomorrow - not really realistic, but understandable. However the first opening on her doctors surgery schedule was the third week in October. Whoops! Lisa was really upset. The surgeon went to check to be sure his memory was correct, and if you can believe the pure luck - just minutes before a patient had canceled for Sept. 3rd, thus allowing Lisa to get her repair in only 8 days from now. She is elated, and this will not interfere with our scheduled Thanksgiving trip with the family.
So, that should bring everyone up to date. Our next big journey is over the Christmas holidays, and for now my goal is to begin work on the DVD of our last cruise.
I hope everyone is well.

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Lorna said...

GREAT to get such a comprehensive update and learn such positive news! Thanks for the scoop, Jim-Bob. :-)