Wednesday, September 14, 2011

And The Hits Keep Coming


When I got up this morning and decided that things had calmed down enough to get caught up on my writing and picture upload, the sun was out and the weather warm with light winds. The seas were still rough, but I reckoned that was to be expected. By the time I finished all my catch up work this morning, it seemed to me that it was getting darker and the ship moving a little more, but I did not pay too much attention; that is until the Captain came on at noon to address the entire ship.

It seems that an unforecasted low pressure system developed rapidly this morning over Nova Scotia, and is moving rapidly in our direction. For that reason, the winds are up to Force 6 already and forecasted to rise during the day, along with the seas. The sky has clouded over, and I just went upstairs for lunch, and the temperature has dropped by 10 degrees from the early morning high of 65 degrees. The winds and seas are starting to kick up once again as well. According to the Captain these conditions will not last long, but will continue at least until late tonight, at which point heavy fog will develop tomorrow morning.

We are scheduled to arrive at St. John’s, Newfoundland day after tomorrow, which is a day later than planned. The Captain is hoping that we will be able to enter the harbor and dock, even though we will be late, because it now appears that during our stay at St. John’s, hurricane Maria is headed directly for us. The center of the storm is forecast to pass within only 200 nm of our position during our day there. At this point, the Captain is uncertain if we will be able to leave the shelter of the harbor because of the storm, and so he has canceled our next port of call into Sydney, Nova Scotia.

We are certainly getting the full treatment of a North Atlantic crossing on this cruise, so stay tuned because I am certain there is more yet to come.

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