Friday, December 2, 2011

Let The Journey Begin

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Believe it or not, The-Globetrotters are actually going to be able to take part of their long planned vacation. After visiting with the orthopedic surgeon this week, he determined that the best course of action is to allow my shoulder to heal itself naturally, and then to engage in some intensive rehab to bring it back to a semblance of working order. So we leave tomorrow morning December 3, and fly direct to Los Angeles. There we have a four hour layover before boarding a Singapore Airlines flight that will take us into Singapore after an 18 hour journey; we will spend one night in Singapore at the Ritz-Carlton hotel, and then board our ship the next day which will then become our home for a month.

The cruise will depart Singapore to the South and go around the islands of Bali and Komodo in Indonesia, and then down along the coast of New Zealand to Sydney. From there we will travel east to New Zealand, and then northward along the New Zealand coast ending our journey at the capital of New Zealand, Auckland. We will fly home from Auckland on January 5, and arrive back in Kansas City late in the afternoon-dead tired.

Lisa has given me a new camera for Christmas that I can hopefully use with my one arm. And I am experimenting with a program that allows me to dictate these blogs. So with any luck, we all will get to see a few of the things on this journey, and I will be able to share those with you as we go along.

I hope everyone will enjoy our journey, and as always, I do look forward to your comments and input as we go along.


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