Thursday, July 17, 2014

And So It Begins, Again!

Trip 1

And So It Begins, Again!

The Merry Globe-Trotters are once again about to set sail for an adventure on the high seas. Beginning in early August, we will sail from Greenland in the North, to Tahiti at the equator. All in all the journey will take almost 3 months with us returning home just in time for Halloween.

This blog will be the first in what I hope will become a log of our journey. We will be cruising on the Silver Explorer, an Expedition ship which will be home to around 120 passengers and some 130 crewmembers. The beginning of our sojourn will have us flying to Copenhagen, Denmark. Why Denmark, you may well ask, since we join our ship at a place called Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. In other words we will fly all the way across the Atlantic to Denmark, only to fly back West for six hours to Greenland. Well, as it turns out, Greenland is a part of Denmark, and the National Airlines, Greenland Air, provides service to the small cities in Greenland. Rather confusing if you ask me!

The first month of our trip will have us attempting to traverse the famed "Northwest Passage." This is a route across the northernmost parts of Canada which will connect the Atlantic to the Pacific. Historically these waters have been to ice covered for a normal ship to navigate, but it is hope that the ice hardened hull of the Explorer will allow it to become, what I have been told, the first passenger ship to make the passage.

The map above is a rather crude rendering of what I believe we will be doing, but it shows that we will leave Greenland, travel across Canada and end up in Nome, Alaska in early September. As I have done in the past, I will try to send our routine blogs about our happenings, but realize that life on an expedition ship can at times be VERY busy thus not allowing too much time for writing, and in addition, it is quite likely that in that part of the world we will not have constant satellite coverage.

Remember that while I will be sending my blogs as e-mails also, you can find the actual journal at our web page

Life is a journey, and so let's enjoy it together.


PS Anyone who is receiving this who would prefer to be removed from these mailings, please let me know and I will be glad to accommodate you.

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