Friday, October 9, 2015

South America Anyone?

Explorer S.America

Hello everyone - it is indeed that time again where Lisa and I are going to tempt the wilds of South America, of course all the time in the lap of luxury on board The Silver Explorer.

Our journey will start tomorrow with flights to Panama, where we spend the night. The following day we board our ship and settle in. This Monday, October 12 will be spent transiting the Panama Canal. It usually comes as a surprise to many that to travel the full length of the canal will take an entire day. Having done the trip before, we are none-the-less excited by the trip since this will give us our first good opportunity to observe the new and larger Canal that is currently under construction.

I have attempted to include a map with this blog which shows our journey. While it looks OK on my computer, I am not sure how well it will translate across to everyone. In short is shows that we will spend 32 days working our way down the West coast of South America, eventually crossing the equator and continuing on to city at the very Southern Tip of South America, Ushuaia, Argentina.

From your High School days I am sure that you recall that Cape Horn is the actual southern most point of the continent. Actually the "Cape" is located on the small island of Hornos, which is the southermost headland of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago of Chile. The island marks where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans collide. Since the "Cape" is indeed an island, if the weather is good enough you can actually cruise "around" the Cape, as opposed to ships traveling "round" the Cape from the two oceans.

Yes, I must admit that Lisa and I have been to many of the places on this trip, but not all by any means. In fact there is one "bucket list" adventure hopefully awaiting me in Peru, and that is a flight over the famous Nazca Lines. I have always wanted to see these mysterious geoglyphs which are located in the Nazca Desert on a plateau which stretches over 50 mi. I have seen pictures from the ground and the giant pictures cannot be discerned, however from the air they blossom into a collage of stylized spiders, monkeys, fish, sharks, orcas, etc.

So, if anyone doesn't want these e-mails assaulting your inbox, just let me know, otherwise over the next month I will do my best to keep everyone informed and hopefully entertained.


By the way, please remember that all of our e-mails are also posted on our blog site at:  In addition if I can I try to post pictures of our journey as we go along and from the web page, simply click on the picture of the penguins and you'll be taken to our photo album.

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