Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Back From The Edge


I am sitting in the lounge at the front of the ship, while all around me there is great excitement as we float on the gentle swells among the ice sheets surrounded by large herds of Walrus. Sadly as thousands of pictures are being snapped, I am confined to the inside of the ship, where all I have is my computer and no camera.

Over two weeks ago while having dinner, the ship suddenly rolled steeply over. Before I knew it, my chair tipped over and fell to the floor; and in the process severed the top of my right arm from the head of my shoulder. More critical, however, is that a portion of the bone was chipped and is now floating free. Efforts have been made to evac Lisa and me off the ship, but in the end, it was decided that it was best if we waited until our arrival into Nome on September 1st before heading home for the necessary surgery. A large part of the delay came from the remote part of the world in which we are cruising. Another big factor was the almost complete lack of communication we have had with the outside world. Since I last wrote, the ship has had no satellite connection, no phones, nor TV. Except for the emergency Iradium satellite phones carried on the bridge and by a few passengers, we have been cut-off from the outside world.

I have so much to share about an incredible journey, but for now typing is difficult. When we finally get home I will get a way setup to dictate, and then I’ll try to tell you of the wonders we have seen.


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